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Daddy, Watch Me!

It’s such a natural part of a little girl’s life to relish her daddy’s attention. Whether swinging higher and higher in the back yard or singing into a homemade microphone in the living room talent show, it’s always preceded with a confident, “Daddy, Watch Me!”  The joy of accomplishment is  so much richer when Daddy approves.

There was a time years back when I felt like I had not met Dad’s approval. Early in my married life, we had the occasion to dance together and it was a complete disaster. Lots of steps going this way and that, I had no clue how to match his steps. It wasn’t until many years later, after learning to dance, that I figured it out. That busy little pattern Dad had going was a triple-step swing. Such a simple dance and one that we do so frequently now.

Once I developed into a ballroom dancer, I looked for the opportunity to dance with Dad again. Sadly, his health had begun to weaken by then and I saw that it was a lost hope. Second best, I thought, was the hope that we might all attend a show or wedding where Dad could see me dance with Tom. Though he waged war against mortality for years, there was never the strength to venture outside his home.

With Dad’s passing a few weeks back, I find myself struggling with the fact that the dance will never be. It is somewhat embarrassing to admit that I still want to please my dad, even at this age. I want him to see what I have learned. I want him to know that I could now match that rapid-fire triple step of his. I want him to know that when I am out there on the dance floor enjoying what I have learned, there is still a little girl’s voice in me saying, “Daddy, Watch Me!”


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  1. My dear Kibble, as sad as it is that your Dad didn’t have the privilege of dancing with his beautiful daughter again, he was so proud of you, never forget that. His spirit lifted at the sight of you with love.

  2. It’s those memories that never leave us. For me, it was mowing the yard. Dad did see me mow the yard–and seemed always amazed that I could. Even to this day, 15 years after my Dad’s passing, when I mow the yard I feel closer to him. Keep on swingin’!

  3. What a beautiful tribute! I still think about how my father would have done things, even after 13 years and after everything he did. Minds are a funny thing!

  4. I see my dad more since my mother passed last March and he doesn’t get out much anymore. I always enjoyed dancing with him even when I just held on and my feet were resting on top of his. When I was older, I couldn’t quite get the hang of the St. Louis jitter bug he was so famous with the women for–maybe I could get it now.

  5. our deceased parents are always in our minds whether we realize it or not. there have been numerous times of late that i would say out loud that mom would remember this or that and be able to respond to the thing i don’t remember. it’s been 22 years since she passed. our loved ones are very close.


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