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Dancing with A STAR!

Photo curtesy of Becky Lanham

One in a while it is fun to dance with a star. With credentials like the  lead role in Burn the Floor for 7 years and Dancing with the Stars, Jonathan Doone gave a crowded room of dancers that opportunity Sunday evening. In his workshop here at the Warehouse in Murfreesboro, dancers enjoyed his energetic teaching style and delighted in his crisp-hip demonstrations. Being a teacher myself, I was pleased with the way he monitored the class, made sure he danced with each lady in the crowd, and gave constant support to the dancers’ accomplishments. We worked on some fun variations and drilled the technique of cha-cha and tango.

Thanks to Becky Lanham and Dance Murfreesboro for another dance opportunity that adds one more dance experience to repertoire.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Thankfully, I had not watched Jonathan Doone’s DWTS performances BEFORE I went to the workshop. I would never have dared! Seeing in person what is exhibited on DWTS is jaw-dropping…..’fast’ takes on a new depth; ‘crisp’ is beyond imagination; ‘hip action’–truly could knock someone off a barstool! What a marvelous opportunity provided by Becky Lanham and The Warehouse.


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