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I Want to Look Like a Dancer but I Don’t Want to Look like a Dancer that’s Trying to Look Like a Dancer – Part 2

***(Note: If you have not read part 1 of this article, please read that first.)

In addition to the artistic quality of technique in ballroom dance, safety is another benefit. The correct use of toe steps or heel steps can protect the feet from being smashed. The proper body alignment takes strain off the back. Bent knees and staying low can maintain important balance. Those who insist on the shortcuts can end up with a long road of recovery when injury occurs. One of the most damaging habits is allowing the arm movements to dominate the swing dances without attention to the footwork. Ladies can experience mild to serious damage to their shoulder by being twisted and turned at the wrong angle as result of incomplete dance steps.  Being fair to both partners, the proper head placement (as I am currently learning) allows the man to navigate through traffic and helps propel him in moves like the double pivot.

Though Tom and I have just scratched the surface of technique in ballroom dance, I am a believer in its value. I love its expression and artistry and plan on taking all steps possible to protect the joints and muscles so that we can dance as long as possible. Always my disclaimer, I am simply a student of dance, not a professional so my comments are my perspective.

Feel free to comment and offer your perspective.

See You on the Floor!


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