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Lately, I have enjoyed searching for Vintage dresses online. I have found so much more than expected in a wide range of styles and prices. On a graduated scale, here are some ideas for vintage online shopping :

My friend recommended an Ebay search for “Rockabilly” and this gave me hundreds of circle-skirt dresses as well as the straight-skirt Man Men style dresses.  These prices are imported prices which is a good deal but requires a lot of shipping time, so pay close attention to that. Many of the adorable circle-skirt dresses were in the $45-$55 range. Actually, I currently have a bid on a pink vintage dress that is holding at my $9.99 bid but we will see how that goes.

The next brand I researched goes up in price to the $120-$140 range and that is the Bettie Page line of dresses. These have a more sophisticated design with more intricate detail. Easily, these elegant dresses could hold their own at any cocktail party or other fine affair.

Then, though the title is a bit misleading, is the Trashy Diva website. These retro dresses fall mostly in the $160 range but have some on either side of that amount. Again, some have the circle-skirts which beg for a twirl test on the dance floor.

Looking at all these dresses has me wondering… Maybe Legacy should have a Mad Men – Vintage theme party sometime soon. I am going to do some brain-storming on that!

See You on the Floor!


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