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One Classy Lady

DSCN2484Last night, the world lost a classy lady. It wouldn’t take a new acquaintance long to learn that Gail always gave everything her best. Every appearance she made came with perfect nails, perfect hair, and the perfect outfit right down to the shoes. When asked to bring cookies to a Legacy party, she came with platters of intricately designed culinary delights that would have qualified for the cover of any magazine. She loved the good things in life. She loved her husband, her family, her dogs, her friends, and ballroom dancing. She loved conversation. We kidded her that she knew more people in Murfreesboro than we did even though they had only lived here a short time. Gail always had practical words for any situation. She liked to help people fix problems. Last summer, she came up against a problem that she couldn’t fix. Neither her determination or her husband’s devotion could overcome such an aggressive enemy.

You were a lovely friend. You shall be greatly missed by many.

Memorial Service will be 4:00pm Wednesday at Woodfin Memorial Chapel with visitation one hour prior to the service.


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  1. The joy of living personified.


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