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Post Gluttony Therapy Session – Friday, December 28th

imagesOk, so, right now, you are feeling smug that you ate the shrimp instead of the beef at the office party. You passed on that second cookie and patted yourself on the back when you gave the box of chocolate covered cherries to a friend instead of bringing it home.

You can trust human nature, though, and know that, in a few days, all that self control is going to go to you-know-where in a hand basket. It is for that reason that I tell you that there are several dance opportunities after Christmas.

On  December 26th, the Warehouse will be open for their usual Wednesday dance.

Then, on FRIDAY, December 28th, (yes, I did say FRIDAY), we will have what we call our Legacy Light dance.

Our usual Friday venue, DanceQuest , will be closed for the holiday, so Tom and I will put in a Legacy dance mix and allow dancers to burn some calories or take a break from the relatives, if needed.

It will be casual – low stress dancing. There will not be the usual Ms. Kibble food or fancy tablecloths but there will be a dance floor and some great music. The door will be $10 per person as usual to pay for the studio rental.

Also, be sure to make plans for New Year’s Eve. A group of us from Murfreesboro are going to attend the Rotary Club’s  1st Annual Snow Ball at the Town Center in Smyrna. I am in the process of getting more information but we do know that there is a live band, dance floor, and a $50 per person charge. Talk to Becky at Dance Murfreesboro or myself if you want to be added to the list.

The David Wallace-Nashville Swing Dance Club also has a great event at the Marriott in Nashville that we have attended several times and enjoyed tremendously. That cost is in the $100 per person range. Please contact NSDC for specifics.

So, when the whirlwind slows and the couch is begging for its potato, come join your friends on the floor.

See you on the Floor!


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  1. YAYYY!!! I’m so excited about the Friday night dance! 😀


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