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modern_soldier_1162Like the march of the booted soldiers, they storm into the room. Their suede-lined shoes mimic the sounds of the war drums. Not since the hooves of the Mongolian horses has any sound brandished such fear. Closer, closer, they get. The sparkle of the dresses is the torch of advance. The furled skirts awaiting the wind of battle. They are: THE INTIMIDATORS!

The INTIMIDATORS are a cunning group. When not on the dance floor, they help children, help sick people, and provide services in business. Some tower at 5 feet 2 inches in heels and some are grandmothers. As a alliance, they are mighty. The attack would come on New Year’s Eve – Operation Snow Ball. They decided to take their years of training in ballroom dancing and do the unthinkable: DANCE. They would take their skills to the most unlikely place: A DANCE FLOOR.

Their ways are mad; their motives, vile. They eye the the empty, mangled dance floor. They see the weakness of the band. As a nod goes across the table, the dancers flank the dance floor. Dresses unfurled, the sounds of the triple step, triple step on the floor, and the victory is sure. With twirls and arm extensions, they celebrate the conquest. They bask in the knowledge that others feel defeated. Others, who have never spent one minute on self-improvement must now endure the reign of those who have  worked long and hard to develop the skill of ballroom dancing. The defeated must watch the victory dance -their wailing heard over the sounds of battle. Still, the INTIMIDATORS dance.

Scoffing at the cries of their defeated, the INTIMIDATORS must move forward. They take the spoils of cheap party hats and return to their camp. Great in battle, they feast at the Warehouse banquet table. The fatted calf is served and the ginger ale flows. In the joy of victory, they feel no remorse that the conquered were abandoned to a life of booty dancing. Their scorched earth tactics make it sure that the INTIMIDATORS will not return.

Strong in battle, the INTIMIDATORS ring in the new year. Resolved in purpose, the INTIMIDATORS waltz and foxtrot around the floor. Mighty in force, the INTIMIDATORS now carry the stripes of war on their sleeves. They will forever be bound in camaraderie for having survived what could have been the worst New Year’s Eve battle of their careers. They will share in a  title reserved only for the infamous of the dance floor: THE  INTIMIDATORS!

(This blog dedicated to those who saved my NYE last night. You know who you are.)


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  1. oh my I laughed so hard. I wondered what had happened when I saw the picture on FB of you dancing at the Warehouse, figured disaster was the source. Very happy to hear your end to 2012 was a good one, look forward to hearing all the details this evening!

  2. Wow! Sorry to hear the Snow Ball was such a horrid bust (what nerve they had!!!), but glad you all still ended up saving the night & having a good time at The Warehouse! 🙂

    • Yes, I heard someone telling the DJ that we were “intimidating the other dancers.” Thank goodness for such a fun group of people who wouldn’t let the evening end that way!

  3. Your re-enactment of the battle was just like being there again!!! I think your story would be good for the Tennessean or whatever newspaper is in Smyrna… The public has a right to know, don’t you think? We, the Intimidators, stand tall and proud (and swing, sway, waltz, etc…) wherever we can!!! The night was all about dancing and spending time with good friends which we did…didn’t matter where it was as it turned out.


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