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I have found the answer to those questions that have been bothering me:

  • Why would a DANCE BAND vocalist embarrass us for DANCING?
  • Why would the Snow BALL not want dancers there?
  • Why would a dance floor at a nightclub welcome those doing nauseating, sensual acts on the dance floor but ridicule us for doing a simple triple step to a song?

The answer began to formulate yesterday when we attended a Walker family wedding. Very mindful of giving the bride her special day, we approached the dance part of the wedding in a very cautious way – making sure that the INTIMIDATORS* did not return. A couple of relatives had already been very kind to say that they looked forward to seeing us dance but we were still cautious.  On the first dance of the evening, Tom and I selected partners from the bridal party and enjoyed getting the dance started.

But, as a Maroon 5 rumba began for the second dance, we had to dance. As we danced, I had a comforting awareness. Nobody cared that we were dancing our way. Nobody was intimidated.  If people wanted to dance, they danced. Any comments made were supportive or inquisitive which gave us a chance to promote our passion. From that point on, the dance floor had a flow of dancers and we found a corner where we could enjoy some dances. We even viennesed around the back corner of the floor. (Thank you for allowing me to create my own verbs.)

Now, for the Eureka: Though we didn’t know everyone in the crowd, we found these guests to be outstanding people with great character and high levels of commitment to their varied vocations. Confident in themselves, they had no need to criticize what we were doing on the dance floor.

As to what that says about those who have insulted us, I will let my readers make the obvious contrast.  As to what it says to me, I’m thinking that my dancing is not the problem. To the Walker family and friends, thank you for including us in a beautiful wedding and for giving me the much needed Eureka! moment.

See you on the floor!

*See my article The Intimidators for further explanation


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