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I always enjoy hearing artists, writers, or any other creative people talk about their inspiration. I admire the fact that their eyes are always open to the world around them and their prospective on life can find something fresh and unseen. So, with a bit of tongue in cheek, I say that tonight’s Legacy is “INSPIRED.” The first inspiration comes as a credit to my 3 year old grandson’s visit to my house. As we sat and watched Cars together, I latched on to the song Life is a Highway and have added its video to my cha cha list.

Then, my dessert menu is inspired by all my friends whose daughters have sold me cookies this past week. I will be featuring Girl Scout Pettifors for those with a taste for chocolate.

As I prepare in the kitchen, I get a sneak preview of Tom’s new dance mix and I can tell you that it is also INSPIRED. One of the new waltzes is from  Josh Groban’s new album and there is a Mariah Carey waltz that you are guaranteed to love.

Though my inspirations don’t exactly deal with the depths of man’s soul, it does add to the joy of creating the Legacy event. The fact that I can find new ideas after two years of the same party gets me excited for tonight’s dance. Thanks to my adorable JT and those around us who give us something new every month.



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