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fans_normWho didn’t love the overweight, slouch of a guy that entered the doors of Cheers on a daily basis?  The irony that such a sluggard would be the most popular patron of the bar was a clever comedic twist that appealed to viewers. We loved the fact that even Norm belonged in this place “where everybody knows your name.”

As dancers, I think that we share that Cheers mentality. We enjoy walking in the door of our favorite venues and greeting our friends to the left and right. We feel welcome when we are there and feel missed when we are not.

A couple of weeks ago, when we went to a different dance venue, I realized how much this means to us. Plans for the evening were to have a date night, so we had no expectations for socializing. But, after almost 2 hours of dancing, only one person had spoken to us. Even people we dance with at other events never bothered to look our way or even nod that they noticed us. I had to admit that I missed the familiarity of our usual dance venues. I missed being known; I missed the belonging.

Even though we spend most of our time on the floor dancing, I still want to be like Norm.  I want to be somewhere “…where everybody knows your name.”  Though I could never imitate his sedentary life style, I do appreciate NORM’s ease as he savors his acceptance.  Thanks, NORM, for the philosophical life lessons we all learned through the years of Cheers. I hope we can apply that to our dance events as we make everyone feel welcome.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s Paul of course but I agree! The feeling of belonging has been helpful to me. See u in a couple of weeks. Happy Easter!


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