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imagesSometimes, the beauty of a dance is found in its simplicity. One such dance is the Nightclub 2-Step. Though it is an outsider to the standard ballroom dances, it finds its way into most studio dance mixes. Its slow beat and simple style can create some wonderful dance moments. The Nightclub allows me to understand the song’s tone better because I am not so overwhelmed by complex variations or intense speed. It’s easier to move within the music as we linger just slightly on the slows and fall back into the quick quicks.

Another wonderful part of the Nightclub is the opportunity to concentrate on my part as the follower. In this slow, poetic dance, I enjoy trying to achieve mirrored perfection with my partner. Snug in his frame, I tune in to his gliding steps and fluid style. I try to avoid any anticipation or independence on my part as this will spoil the magic.

In addition, if you happen to be as fortunate as I am to dance with the love of your life, this dance can be very romantic. It can create whimsical moments that bring a wink or hug as you walk  off the floor. In the world where I live, a few minutes of whimsy and magical is a great gift.

Simple. Poetic. The Nightclub 2-Step.

See You on the Floor


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