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Skirt Alert!

S6884013We women just have our own way of thinking. We use our mind and skills for things that men may not credit as we do, but that is who we are. I have asked my friend Gayle Goad to tell you the story that she just recently shared with me. Like me, you will admire her clever approach to her class reunion. Enjoy!

On June first I went to my 55 year high school reunion in Columbia, TN. I was happy to tell anyone who would listen that I was wearing a skirt that I wore when I was in high school. They seemed impressed that I could still wear the same skirt. It was a gored skirt and a nice color of blue.

Now, for the rest of the story………what I DIDN’T tell them was that when I tried it on, it lacked 4 or 5 inches meeting around my waist! I took off the waist band and lifted the skirt until it WOULD go around my waist. Of course there was not enough material for the waistband without some more adjustments. I pieced the back side of the band with another material so that it was not obvious that I had made any changes. Pretty sneaky, huh?

I’d rather wear out than rust out. I’d rather die o f stress than boredom.



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