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“Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun”

WRIGLEY'S DOUBLEMINT TWINS NOMINATED AS AMERICA'S FAVORITE ICONSI love the treasure hunt that Tom and I go on each month when selecting the 50-70 songs and videos for Legacy Dance. We comb the top 100 lists for songs and videos. We preview new artists and old artists for songs just released or songs almost forgotten. The discovery of new songs is an added bonus to the dancing. It’s a treasure hunt that always leads to gold.

Today, I begin a multi-part blog about some of the treasures we have found in our search for dancing music.


Tony Bennett, closing in on his 87th birthday, has combined his old style with newer artists to bring back some traditional foxtrots. He sings with Diana Krall in The Best is Yet to Come and with Michael Buble in Don’t Get Around Anymore.

Matthew Morrison, who gained fame as a cast member in Glee, has an interesting pairing in the rumba, Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot. Listening closely to this, you will hear the voice of Sting as the second artist. It’s a great mix of the Broadway voice of Morrison and Sting’s edgy voice.

Another rumba is the duet with Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra where these Latin voices create a soothing sound in Cuanda Me Enamoro.

Just recently, I found a rumba that would have to be considered a little high-brow as the powerful voices of Jose Carreras and Sarah Brightman absolutely stop the show with Amigos Para Siempre.  They end on such a crescendo that dancers cheer and applaud at the end of the song.

I hope those who are interested will enjoy these songs.

Part 2 of  “Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun” will be about songs from unexpected sources.

Thank you for reading.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. I love ‘Heartbeat’s video with Enrique and Nicole Scherzinger. We do Jazzercise (inside thigh routine) to it, but I can’t figure out a ballroom dance. Rather steamy….perfect for a summer night.

    Love Enrique’s and Juan Luis’s rumba.

    An unexpected duet: Elvis and Lisa Marie made just a few years ago through the world of technology; ‘In the Ghetto.’ Again, I cannot find a ballroom dance in it which is, of course, the point of your topic. Darn! Ah….remember the Elvis/Celine Dion duets? They did ‘Impossible’ and ‘If I Can Dream’–non-ballroom dances, too, I believe.

    Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett – ‘New York New York’

    Frank Sinatra and Barbra Striesand – ‘I’ve Got a Crush on You’

    Neil Diamond and Barbra Striesand – ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’

    Love duets!!!!!!! Good topic.


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