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salsa-dance-shoes-Most of you know that I typically talk about the positive experiences in dance. Occasionally, though, something makes me upset and I feel like I have to pass it on. I have recommended to many of my dancing friends. I have always been pleased with the shoes I’ve gotten from their store. This is no longer the case.

The last order I placed was quickly charged to my bank account, but, alas, they never mailed my shoes. I waited patiently until I began to panic, needing them for this Saturday’s showcase. I followed the directions on the website for filing a complaint. NO RESPONSE. I called customer service. NO HUMAN BEING ANSWERED. I  followed the directions and left my call back number. NO CALL BACK. I canceled my order. NO RESPONSE.

So, I am out my money and I am doing my showcase this Saturday in old, tired shoes. At least the old ones are broken in and familiar.  The show must go on!

See You on the Floor!


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  1. The only Web site from which I have ordered dance shoes is Zapposs–and I only did that because I know several people who order shoes and everything else from this Las Vegas company. They actually have real people in customer service–and returns are free shipping. I heard their CEO speak when I was at the HR conference in Vegas two years ago–he spoke a good line which friends confirmed. Unfortunately, Zappos probably does not have a wide selection of dance shoes–they just happened to have what I wanted. Owned by Amazon now.

    So sorry about your debacle–you’ll dance beautifully tomorrow even without the extra sparkle!


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