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“Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun” (part 2)

WRIGLEY'S DOUBLEMINT TWINS NOMINATED AS AMERICA'S FAVORITE ICONSBeing a part of ballroom dancing brings multiple levels of enjoyment. In addition to the dance experience, our two years of running Legacy Dance Club has put us in the business of hunting for great songs for dancing.

In part one of  Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun, I wrote about some of the great duets that we have used in our dance mixes. In this second part, I wanted to mention some ballroom tunes that have come from some unusual and unsuspected places.

To begin with, Molly Ringwald just recently released a new album. Unaware that she was a singer, I was surprised that this album, Except Sometimes has some nostalgic tunes such as Exactly Like You which makes a lovely Fox Trot.

Another surprise is finding a nice, pleasant Fox Trot from a movie that apparently is not so nice. In the movie Ted, Nora Jones sings Everybody Needs a Best Friend. It seems out of character for the movie but stands alone as a dance tune.

Anyone ever listen to a Christian comedic named Mark Lowery years ago? I just discovered that he has a vintage-sounding album called Unforgettable Classics where he sings favorites such as They Can’t Take That Away from Me and Our Love is Here to Stay. The tempo of some of these is a little tricky but a couple on the album are just right for the dance floor.

Whether a remake of an old classic or a brand new song, it is always a great discovery to find these little jewels. If we keep introducing some of these energetic new songs, we will be more welcoming when we dance to some of the classics that are staples for the ballroom dance community. Keep listening, keep discovering.

See You on the Floor!


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