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50 for 50

Another year has passed. We are another year older and another year farther along in our dancing. So, I figure, the two balance themselves out. Though I have added a few wrinkles, I have had some great blessings over the last year. I have watched my children grow in adulthood in ways that make me enormously proud, I have watched grandsons grow in ways adorable beyond words, I have spent time with friends and co-workers rejoicing in the good and grieving for the bad, and I have begun the 37th year of being married to the man whose love and strength bring sanity to this crazy life of mine.

And so, to celebrate, we will ring in the new year at Dance Murfreesboro this year. Legacy and Dance Murfreesboro will combine talents to host the first, annual, 50 for 50 New Year’s Eve Party. To guarantee space on the floor, Dance Murfreesboro is only selling 50 tickets. Legacy Dance Club will be contributing music, movies, and videos to provide an evening of dinner and dance that will honor the memories of 2013 and anticipate the joys of 2014. There will be a catered, dinner buffet and a chocolate fountain dessert for this BYOB event. All information and reservations are available at 

Join us on December 31st. We will look forward to celebrating the New Year with our dancing friends.

See You on the Floor to ring in the New Year!


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