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My First Love

IPOD066From the title of this BLOG, you might be expecting a story about Tom, dancing, or the kids and grandkids. Though all of those are great loves of my life, there is a love that began years before – even in years no longer remembered. The first great love of my life was MUSIC. There are some basic truths about music: Loving music requires no talent, no instruction, no props. It is a true gift. One has only to take from music. No return favor is required.

In my earliest memories, I sang along with my parents’ choice of music, whether it be Harry Belafonte, the Ray Conniff Singers , or the soundtrack to the Fantasticks. Often isolated by being in a house with 3 brothers, music was my playmate. It never excluded me because I was too “girlie”. All I needed was the stereo and I had a world that embraced the dreams of that moment.

At age 7, I began playing the baritone ukelele and singing. I remember my parents at my bedroom door as I played Skip to My Lou for the first time. Later, I played guitar and sang wherever the opportunity presented itself. I even played and sang in a beauty contest while in high school!

Artists like Rod Stewart, Carol King, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle and too many others to mention, gave me my own world in which to retreat during the teenage years. Then, when in college, I loved the musical theater and singing in the Jacksonville State, Alabama A’Cappella Choir.

Sometimes, the songs from my past make their appearance into our dance mixes. They are more than a dance song. They document my life. I not only dance to the music but I also dance to the memory. Ballroom, though I love you, you must know that music will always have the title of “My First Love.”

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Mine, too. ❤

  2. thanksforsharingKW!!! 🙂


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