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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

There are so few things to do for entertainment at this time of the year. During the Christmas break, Tom and I had our yearly visit to the movie theater. In addition to it costing $10.50 each to get in and them trying to sell us $10 bags of popcorn, we found ourselves imprisoned to 25 minutes of commercials at the beginning of the movie. That is why we only do it once a year.

Shopping is not a good option since I hate shopping to begin with and have no money to spare at this time of the year.

I guess the best solution is to head to the dance floor.

Here are some dancing opportunities in addition to the normal scheduled dance events:

  • January 11, (don’t have verification of time) – Dance Essentials Workshop, DanceQuest, Nashville
  • January 19, 2-5 pm – USA Dance at the DanceQuest Studio, Nashville
  • January 25, 8-11 pm – Legacy Dance at The Warehouse, Murfreesboro
  • February 1, 7 pm – Anniversary Party at the Warehouse, Murfreesboro

I’m sure that February events will be filling up the calendar soon so I will try to get a list of theses as soon as I can. Feel free to email me about any other dance events happening in the area.

See You on the Floor!


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