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Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

Reason #10: Mental Health

-IMG_4451ef.jpg~c100Most of us have seen someone in our family who has gone through a mental health challenge of some sort. In many cases, it is the aging process that initiates these terrible conditions that removes the soul from the body and leaves only a shell of the loved one. We speak of the compassion for the one suffering but, if honestly allowed it, we would admit that our thoughts quickly jump to “Is this going to happen to me some day?”

In this era of fitness awareness, people are beginning to look  for ways to challenge their minds as well as their muscles. Many have found that ballroom dancing does just that. There are so many memory challenges to ballroom. From the hundreds of variations and patterns of the feet to the quick reflexes of the body, the mind is working all the time. Men must complete the current variation while planning the next variation. Women must complete the current variation and respond almost immediately to the new lead without stepping out of the dance.

One of the reasons I participate in showcase performances is for the mental challenge. As a high school/college student, I memorized pages of lines in plays and absorbed hundreds of pages of academic information to get my education. I don’t have those opportunities anymore. Now, the showcase routines are my chance to challenge my memory capacity and try to beat off mental atrophy.

Thanks to my friend Gayle Goad (aka GG), I read an article and found the link of a lady who found ballroom dancing in the mist of her struggles with Alzheimer’s. Enjoy her victory over mental illness and watch those SPLITS, oh my!

Click here to see her dance:   Hazel Minnick 2013 Silver Stars 

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Sylvia Mitchell

    Thank you for sharing this very inspiring video. Amazing


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