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Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

treadmill_zps2edafd36.gif~c100Reason #9 – Physical Fitness

Answer: 5 minutes …..  Question: What is the average amount of time that Kibble Walker can stay on a treadmill?

I have spent my entire adult life feeling guilty because I hate exercising. Walking? Too cold, too hot. Gym? Never seem to get there. Treadmill?? BORED OUT OF MY MIND!

Thank goodness for the discovery of ballroom dancing. I can dance 1-1/2 to 3 hours in a night – depending on when my feet begin to cry out for mercy. As we mature as dancers, the calorie burn off goes higher. It may not be the Boston Marathon but it is so much better than nothing. My Fitness Pal tells me that fast ballroom dancing can burn over 300 calories an hour. Considering that Tom and I can dance 5-6 hours in a week, that is a good fitness plan.

I am pleased that ballroom is kind to the knees. There’s no pounding the pavement. Bent knees and rolled steps ease the impact while dancing. Every variation is structured to keep the knees in line with the body so there are no awkward twists to cause damage.

Hello, muscles! Quite often, when I feel the soreness the morning after a dance, I am reminded of long ignored muscles that are now getting a workout. Every step I take in ballroom challenges my muscles a little more – constantly pushing to the next level. Though it sounds a bit silly, I now have something to put on the questionnaire at the doctors office when it asks, “How often do you exercise?”

Finally, the guilt is gone.

See You on the Floor


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