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Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

Reason #8 Style

tuxedo_zpsa9be82d6.jpg~c100We are Americans and we love our sports events filled with cheering, jeering, and threats. We love our casual nature of jeans, sweatshirts, and caps. There comes a time, though, when life requires a little effort to create some style and some decorum. So, let’s talk ballroom.

A man approaches a lady, extends his hand, and asks, “May I have this dance?” Suddenly, the world has changed. Chivalry has returned and the women are reminded of what it feels like to be treated like a lady. While the gentlemen lead them to the floor and guide them through the dance, the ladies add the beauty and grace to the dance.  Lady dancers soon learn the benefit of the perfect dancing dress. The “co-stars” as I call them can be a sparkling dress or a flirty skirt or that special princess dress that says, “Look at Me!”

In the world of ballroom, there are frequent formal dances. What a great treat it is to be in a ballroom filled with beautiful dresses and men in tuxedos.

In short, ballroom is men and women at their best.

See You on the Floor!



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