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Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

city-1-1.jpg~c100Reason #7  Night-Life

What’s the most lonely time of the day?

What’s the most boring part of the day?

What’s the least active part of the day?

The obvious answer: The night-time

It is easy to enter into the great big world of couch potato. A long day, a big meal – and there we are in front of the TV watching some embarrassing reality show. We slip off into some kind of a stupor until we drag ourselves off to bed.

NO MORE! There is a great big world of dancing out there that will cure that couchpotatoitis and allow you to find a night-life of activity and friends in a safe environment. Good news about ballroom: Most dances start at 8 pm which allows for time to finish work, finish dinner, and get to the dance. There are some nights when Tom and I keep 4 grandsons, feed them supper, oversee homework, give them baths, and drop them off in their PJ’s on the way to out 8 o’clock dance.

Here in the Murfreesboro-Nashville area, there are at least 5 or 6 dance opportunities a week from which you can choose to get out of the house. Don’t allow your single vs married status to hold you back. All status types are represented in the ballroom community. In most dance circles, everyone dances with each other so status doesn’t matter.

Off the couch – NOW- and put on your dancing shoes. You’re going out on the town!

See You on the Floor!


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