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Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

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Keep Calm and Dance

Reason #6 – Stress Relief

There are more ways to accumulate stress than there are to eliminate stress. In the past, I turned to music to wash away the stress of life. The perfect combination, though, is the combination of dance and music. On a particularly stressful day, my favorite dances are the Cha Cha and the Samba. The Cha Cha is a fast moving dance with lots of footwork and snappy arms. The Samba music has a tribal sound and an aggressive nature that takes me all over the dance floor. Both are high energy dances that give a great physical workout. There is a sort of vengeance in these dances that somehow puts the world back at my feet. It’s a feeling of conquest – a nonverbal way of saying, “Right now, for these 3 minutes, I am the boss.” Sometimes, just that short visit to a controlled world can reel me back into calm waters. This stress relief has no side effects but I have to warn that it might be addictive!

See You on the Floor!


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  1. I’m loving all the reasons….Stress Relief and Exercise are two of my favorites. I suppose ‘just because it makes me feel good’ doesn’t really count, but it underlies all other reasons for me.

  2. YES. I concur. I love this. ❤


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