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Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

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vv54.gif~c100Reason #5 – The Sport

This reason is directed at the reluctant men out there who need a nudge to take the plunge into ballroom. Listen up guys!

It is the job of ballroom dancers to make it look easy. Dancing couples can tell you, though, that an incredible amount of work goes into even the most basic of dance moves. The glamour or romance of a dance is the very last step in producing a routine. Up to that point, it is just plain and simple work. My husband tells people that ballroom has become his sport. He enjoys the training, strengthening, and mental effort that goes into the mastery of ballroom. There is a discipline that reminds him of his days of basketball and soccer.

Another sports-like element of ballroom is the competitive nature. There are competitions for all levels of dancers if they choose to go that direction. Those that participate in the competitions enjoy the scrutiny and especially enjoy returning with prizes and prize money.

Some feel the competition within themselves. Determined to improve, they are always working toward the next level. When they see a more advanced couple on the floor, they are motivated to work harder and achieve more.

If you really want to experience the “extreme” aspect of ballroom, there are the variety of lifts that dancing couples can perform. The man gets to support the ladies weight in the air in varied positions while the lady learns to use her body and inertia to propel herself into position. For both, it is a challenge and one that requires physical training.

So, men, you now know that behind that artistic veneer is a well-trained athlete who has responded to the call to be trained as a  ballroom dancer. Oh, wait, maybe that’s your wife calling!

See you on the Floor!




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