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Kibble’s Top Ten Reasons to Ballroom Dance

Reason #3 – Social

calendar-ani.gif~c100“Norm!” greeted the bar patrons for countless episodes of Cheers. I wrote a previous blog about how this component of the sitcom is a satirization of the human need to belong. Ballroom dancing requires being social. It relies on a public venue where we can find music and a dance floor. Because of that, we tend to be a pretty close community.

Everywhere Tom and I go to dance, we find people we know. Once, in an attempt at a “date night,” we decided to go somewhere different to be by ourselves. As the night went on, this out-of-the-way place began filling up with dancers – most of whom we knew – and we realized our little secret had already been discovered by other dancers.

The true ballroom environment is positive and encouraging. Everyone understands what it feels like to begin and everyone appreciates those who have advanced. We fill the calendars with dance parties, competitions, formals, showcases, theme parties, week-end getaways … the list goes on.

It is a busy life once you enter into the world of ballroom. The TV is replaced with real people who share a common interest. Maybe, for some of you reading this blog, it is time to update the calendar and be a part of a group of energetic people who share this great past-time.

See You on the Floor!


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  1. Yes!!! *love*love*love* (Sorry, I seem to be at a loss for words.) 😀


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