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Venues in the Nashville area

Dance Quest

We usually attend the Friday night dance parties here. This dance studio gets my highest rating in friendliness and dance opportunity. It is a great atmosphere for dancers without a partner. The dance instructors stay on the floor with guests throughout the dance. There is a supportive atmosphere with dance levels primarily beginners through bronze plus some silver level dancers. They offer many group classes throughout the week which can be found on their website:


 The Warehouse – Murfreesboro

This is a new venue started by a young couple with lots of energy and great vision for bringing dance to Murfreesboro. Becky Lanham and Justin Ward are owners/instructors. Recently, they brought more life to the studio with the addition of a big screen porjection screen. Dancers can enjoy music videos while they dance on the floor. They play a ballroom mix on Wednesday nights and have West Coast dance events on a regular basis. There is a beautiful floor to enjoy and a youthful atmosphere. They have a full calendar of classes and events. You can link up with them at

 Dance World of Nashville

This studio teaches all levels but is best known for its advanced dancers. Many of the students are silver level to professional level. Even if you can’t compete with this high level of dancing, you will enjoy watching and learning from the experience of others.


Nashville Swing Dance Club

David Wallace is the instructor for the club and he teaches a variety of classes in different  locations around the Nashville area. His Monday night class at the Brentwood Skate Center attracts a large group of students for a very reasonable price. David is a very patient teacher who uses a lot of repetition so the dancers can learn patterns in the ballroom dances.


The Preston Hotel

The Preston Hotel off Briley Parkway is attracting a lot of dancers to its Pink Slip Lounge. Angela Oliver appears here on a regular schedule and gives an opportunity for dancers to enjoy their rhythm dances with live music. There is no cover charge but be prepared for resort prices on the drinks. The small dance floor can be a bit of a challenge at times but most seem to accept the challenge. For information on this, check out Angela’s website:

Legacy Dance Club 

This is Tom’s and my creation that meets once a month to provide a Night Club atmosphere and a great dance floor all in the same venue. Tom’s DJ style dance mixes are high energy and pulled from music from today’s top 100 back to those nostalgic tunes that we loved before we dreamed of ballroom dancing. I select the middle hour’s music videos that provide another dimension of entertainment on the studio’s 64 square foot screen.  Please see the Legacy page for all the details.


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