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Twas the Dance Before Christmas

Last Saturday’s Legacy Dance was an amazing event. There was such joy and a bit of magic in the room as we dressed in our holiday attire and celebrated the season by dancing to music from the Tractors to the Canadian Tenors. It has taken me a couple of days to put my thoughts together on why this created such an emotional connection with me. 

My first thought was that maybe naming the dance after such a great patron saint of Christmas, St. Nicholas, set the tone for the dance. A man who cared for the children and dropped money through open windows to provide dowries for poor girls would certainly set an example for a good spirit.

I also think that when something is done in the celebration of Christmas, whether secular or spiritual, it is still touched by the Nativity of Christ. That great Love born in the manger is so powerful that it blesses everything created in the name of Christmas. These things are not a substitute for Church or faith, but they are a bonus to the season. Whether we decorate, sing, or dance at Christmas, it will be blessed.

I was certainly blessed by the big crowd that came and shared this holiday festivity with us.

I have some video clips of the great evening. Due to the lighting, the quality is poor, but maybe you can recognize your fancy moves.


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  1. Thank you Kibble and Tom! It was a great night and we feel very fortunate to have been welcomed into such a wonderful group of people. A very, merry Christmas to you and we look forward to sharing more time with you in the new year.


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